Huna Balancing

The Huna of the Hawaiian Islands were renowned for the practice of balancing chakras (chasing out demons) as well as allowing their patients to experience mystical journeys designed to help them clarify their lives in order to find a lasting balance. Dr. Gwen has been a student of the Kahuna method of self-healing for over 30 years. Come prepared to experience chakra balancing, a special bathing experience with natural herbs over your arms, feet, hands and face as well as receive messages about your body, mind and soul. Dr. Gwen is an accomplished Reiki Master (Master's Level) and she combines many talents in order to assist you in achieving a more moderate, healthy balance within all your sacred selves. Gifts of spirit are given and spirit names or totems are often assigned at such healing sessions.


Call to set up your session at (443) 203-0129 or email Gwen at  drgwengmacgregor@aol.com